If you’re embarrassed when passengers pile in your car, then it’s time to get it detailed. If you have dirt scattered across your floor mats, dog hair on the back seat, stains from spilled juice boxes, and a strange smell that you can’t seem to place, then it’s time to bring it into our auto shop for a thorough detailing. We provide thorough deep cleaning on the inside of your vehicle, and an unbeatable wash and wax for the exterior of your vehicle, so your ride will look as good as it did when it came off the production line. If you’re ready to get started, you can simply stop by our shop here in Denver, or you can schedule an appointment for service while you’re here online. You can also continue to read to learn more about our interior detailing services and exterior detailing services (both of which are included in our detailing package), and you’ll find answers to some of our frequently asked detailing questions — all of which are listed below.

Interior Detailing

When it’s time to transform the interior of your car, you can count on our experts for a professional cleaning that will leave every surface looking its best. Every interior detailing comes with the following services:

Vacuuming upholstered areas: First thing’s first, we’ll vacuum all of the upholstery of your car, pulling up crumbs, dirt, dander, you name it. We want to ensure that we remove as much of the loose stuff as possible before we move onto deep cleaning for your upholstery. We’ll also pull out your floor mats and vacuum them if they’re upholstered. We use specialized vacuum heads and a powerful vacuum to reach all of the nooks and crannies of your vehicle.

Steam cleaning and stain removal: Next, we’ll clean all of your upholstered surfaces with a steam cleaner, and we can remove any stains that exist throughout your vehicle. The steam cleaning method helps to deep clean your upholstery, removing any grime that is stuck in the fibers of your upholstery. Steam cleaning will also help to pull up stains, and it will return your upholstery to the original look and color that it had when it was installed.

Glass cleaning: We’ll clean every square inch of glass throughout your car, even those hard to reach places by the dashboard or rear window of your vehicle. Your windows will look perfectly transparent and streak-free.

Leather cleaning and conditioning: If you have leather seats and other components throughout your vehicle, we’ll clean and condition these components. We use delicate cleaning products that are specifically designed to clean leather, and we can condition any leather that is losing its resilience or drying out.

Deodorizing: We’ll deodorize your vehicle and we can perfume your vehicle to ensure that it has that new car smell, no matter how old it is.

Final touches: Per your request, we can mend upholstery on your vehicle, and we may perform an additional vacuuming to give your vehicle a truly thorough cleaning after the dust has settled. Also, let us know if there are any areas that could use extra care, and we’ll give them the attention you desire.

Exterior Detailing

Once the interior of your vehicle is looking its best, it’s time to clean its exterior from headlight to exhaust pipe. Once again, our goal is to ensure that your vehicle looks as good as it did the day it drove off the lot.

Hand washing and drying: We’ll hand wash the body of your car to remove any dirt that has built up. Unlike a traditional automated carwash, hand washing ensures that your vehicle’s body won’t be damaged by cleaning. We use soft rags, sponges, and soap that’s designed for automotive cleaning to give your car a wash. Then, we’ll dry off the body of your car to give make its sheen glow, and to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t rust.

Deep cleaning with a clay bar: We use a specialized clay bar to deep clean any areas that can’t be cleaned with soap. The clay naturally pulls off grime without digging into the paint and protective coating of your vehicle. And again, we’ll wash and dry pff any leftover residue.

Polishing: We use a specialized polishing towel to bring your vehicle’s exterior to a high sheen. So long as the body of your vehicle isn’t dented, dinged, or scratched, you car will look brand new.

Wax seal: If you’d like, we can apply wax as a protective shield against dirt and precipitation. Wax helps your vehicle to shed water quickly, and it will improve the sheen and overall look of your car.

Additional services: We can also provide engine cleaning, tire and rim cleaning, and any other detailing work that you demand. It’s our goal to make your vehicle look as if it were ready for a car show.

Detailing FAQ

What are some of the benefits of detailing?

Detailing doesn’t just look good and feel great, it helps to improve the longevity of your vehicle’s interior and exterior, and it maintains the resale value of your car.  Your exterior will be more protected against the elements, and the interior of your vehicle will retain that unused look — so if you ever choose to put your car on the market, you’ll be able to earn more money back for your investment.

Beyond that, applying wax to the exterior of your vehicle will hinder rust from forming on its body, which can be an eyesore, and it can deter potential buyers, should you opt to sell your car. A standard car wash won’t protect the body of your vehicle, and it can actually harm the clear coat on its body — while handwashing, drying, and waxing will improve its protection.

If you opt to have us clean the engine of your vehicle, your engine is also less likely to incur damage. Your engine will be less likely to leak or release exhaust with a thorough cleaning, and it will be far easier to identify the source of these issues, should they occur.

How does detailing differ from a normal cleaning?

Detailing is superior to traditional cleaning, for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Taking your car into the carwash still helps to protect your vehicle from damage that can incur from the environment, since it will clear away much of the debris that can linger and damage your car. For instance, if you’ve been out on the roads while mag-chloride (the chemical that is sprayed on roads to resist snow and ice accumulation) your car will benefit from regular cleanings. However, your vehicle isn’t protected against these elements when you take it out on the road again. Handwashing and waxing your car provides protection against harmful chemicals, debris, and precipitation which would otherwise cause wear and tear, so your exterior will outlast the most trying conditions and adverse weather.

If you’re simply having the interior of your vehicle cleaned out and vacuumed, you’ll also miss out on a few benefits. Deep cleaning with a steam cleaner will lift out existing stains, and it will remove the odors of your vehicle. If you have stained seats, for instance, then a simple vacuuming won’t do anything to clean those areas. Or, if you have a vehicle that is plagued with animal dander, and an odor that won’t go away, vacuuming likely won’t be thorough enough to get rid of those issues. As we mentioned, we deep clean upholstery with steam cleaning and stain removers, which will help to remove set-in stains and any grime that is deep within the fibers of your upholstery.

How much does detailing cost?

Detailing can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the amount of cleaning necessary. For larger vehicles, older vehicles, and vehicles that have significant amounts of dirt and grime, you can expect to pay an amount on the higher end of that spectrum. For smaller, newer, cleaner cars, service will cost less. If you’re curious about the cost of detailing for your car, simply reach out to us!

How often should I have my car detailed?

While you’re certainly welcome to have your car detailed as often as you’d like, it’s usually best to have your vehicle cared for every couple of years. If, for instance, you are constantly spending time on roads with mag-chloride, or if you have pups or kids in your car, you may want to have it detailed every year to keep it in its best shape. If your car is simply sitting in the garage for most of the year, on the other hand, then you won’t need to have it detailed very often.

Keep an eye out for signs that your auto is enduring wear and tear. Look for rust around the edges of the body components of your car. Also, keep a keen eye out for stains that can accumulate, and be wary of dander that can set into the fibers of your upholstery. Also, if your vehicle is beginning to smell a bit off, then it may be time to bring it in for a deep cleaning.

How long will my detailing appointment take?

It depends. Detailing your vehicle may be very simple if you’ve kept it well-maintained. However, if you have significant stains and a strange odor, or if you’ve put your car through weather that has left its exterior coated with grime, your detailing will take more time. Most detailing can be completed in about an hour, although you should set aside more time if your vehicle will require additional services (like engine cleaning, upholstery repair, or stain removal). Again, if you’re curious about your specific vehicle, you can simply reach out to us for an estimate of how long your service will take.

Count on Avalon Motorsports

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