transmission flush denverIt’s highly vital that you keep up with the health of your car’s transmission. Whether you think you need it or not, it’s important to understand that transmission flushes and fluid changes are crucial for the longevity of your car. Regular transmission fluid flushes and changes are a service you can schedule for your car every 30,000 miles, or two years.

Here at Avalon Motorsports, we suggest you schedule an appointment for your German automobile just like the rest of the fleets that drive the roads here in Denver: Every 30,000, or two years. Whether you drive a manual or an automatic, we recommend that you do not ignore having your transmission serviced. Not only will you get to enjoy a more efficient transmission, but you will reap the benefits of better fuel economy and avoid all of the hassles of needing a transmission repair that was caused by the neglect of your transmission fluids.

For a Manual…VW transmission repair in Denver.

Within a manual vehicle, transmission fluid works to prevent premature wear on the gears and to prevent overheating within the engine. With healthy transmission fluid, you can rest assured that your car’s gears are well-lubricated and are kept at a cool temperature.

For an Automatic…

Since an automatic differs from a manual (in a manual, the clutch and gears are manually moved by the driver), the movement of the gears (shifting) is completed by a hydraulic system that’s powered by a pressurized transmission, and the transmission fluid moving through this system. For an automatic vehicle, the transmission fluid works to cool the hydraulic system, as well as prevents all of the internal gears from grinding. However, the big difference between manual and automatic transmission fluid is that the fluid in an automatic works to power the transmission rather than only cool and keep it lubricated.

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Do you want to learn more about transmission flushes, fluid changes or the signs your transmission needs a repair? We encourage you to contact us online. Feel free to reach out to us with any of your questions or concerns regarding our services. Please note that each vehicle is different; therefore, each transmission fluid and flush may differ from the next. But rest assured, because our team of experts are specialized in the German auto repair industry and are well-equipped to handle any problem your German car is experiencing.

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