It’s that time of the year again. The temperatures are starting to drop below the comfortable 50 degrees here in the heart of Denver, Colorado, which only means when you go to leave for work in the morning, you’re bitter cold! Here at Avalon Motorsports we understand that trying to rid the cold from your car early in the morning always comes down to one simple thing, starting your car and leaving it for a short period of time until you’re ready to leave, warming it up. Did you know that this is actually not only frowned upon by environmentalists, but by your engine too? Today we will be going over the facts of warming up your car on letting it idle on those cold and frosty mornings we endure daily.

Cars were meant to be driven and warmed on the go. They don’t warm up efficiently by sitting in your driveway with the heat cranked while you wait inside staying warm and toasty. Idling your car can do more harm than good, and here’s why. Did you know that if you idle every morning, your spark plugs, cylinders and even your entire exhaust system can become damaged? You would think idling your car every morning before you head out the door on your hopefully warm drive to work would be good for your car, after all, you’re giving it a warm up and getting it ready to perform well on the roadways. Don’t believe all that you hear when it comes to idling your car, because in most cases, it isn’t beneficial to the life of your car and can cause irreplaceable damage. If you’ve been a culprit for years when it comes to idling your Audi, Porsche, BMW or Volkswagen, be sure you bring it in for the service or repair it needs to feel confident on the road again.