Wheel alignment is commonly known as a tire alignment and it’s important to have this service completed by experienced auto repair experts. Why? Not having a tire alignment will only wreak havoc on your vehicle’s tires if the alignment is not straight. The performance and the longevity of your car can be expected to decrease if you don’t keep up with the demands of a tire alignment. Plus, don’t’ you want to experience improved handling of your vehicle? Keep your steering wheel from pulling to one side of the road by making sure your wheels are aligned every time you schedule a tire rotation.

What is a tire alignment?German auto repair Denver

To keep it simple, a tire alignment refers to the adjustment of your car’s suspension. The suspension system is what connects to the steering wheel, so if the suspension is not straight, you may feel pulling or veering off to the side of the road when your steering wheel is being held straight. Although you may think that a tire alignment is an adjustment of the tires and wheels, it is not; it is simply an adjustment to the suspension of the vehicle, which adjusts the angles of each wheel and tire.

Does your car need a tire alignment?

You may think that you don’t need a tire alignment, but you could be wrong. There are plenty of telltale signs that your car is in need of an adjustment; they include the following:

  • If your steering wheel vibrates
  • If the tread on your tires is wearing unevenly
  • If you notice your vehicle pulling to the left or to the right
  • If your steering wheel is off center when you’re driving straight

What did you notice?

It’s vital that you keep your eyes open for the signs and symptoms of needing a wheel alignment. To learn more about our alignment services, please feel free to contact us online today! Avalon Motorsports is Denver’s finest German auto repair shop — offering service for Audi®, BMW®, Volkswagen®, Porsche®, and Mini® vehicles — and we’re ready to provide you with superior service you deserve. Call now!

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