Unmatched Audi Service and Repair for Denver, CO

Avalon Motorsports is the experienced and leading Audi specialist in the Denver, CO area for Audi services, repairs and performance upgrades. If you’re searching for an Audi service shop that provides factory-trained specialists, an industry leading warranty and transportation assistance – you’ve found it at Avalon Motorsports.

Match these awesome benefits with our personalized Audi care and you’ll notice a measurable difference. Whether you desire to keep your Audi in superb running condition or you want more performance for the street or track, Avalon Motorsports is here to serve you!

audi-pic-1Common Repairs, Services & Upgrades

Typical Repairs

Electrical Repairs

When you have an electrical failure happen in your Audi, it’s highly recommended you take full advantage of our Audi repair specialists here at Avalon Motorsports. Electrical components that fail can be confusing and if repaired by yourself, may create more damage rather than repair.

Catalytic Converter Replacement

If you don’t take care of regular Audi services and checkups, it wouldn’t surprise our specialists if your Audi’s catalytic converter requires replacement. This type of repair is likely if carbon build-up jams the exhaust flow. To make sure your Audi is running smoothly to prevent this from happening, we suggest timely oil changes and regular checkups with our Audi services pros.

Routine Services

Oil Changes

Even though oil changes can take some time from your day, they’re paramount, especially here in Denver, Colorado. Living in what is known as the Dust Bowl gives Audis a hard time. The oil is likely to get sludgy more frequently if you drive in a dusty and debris-filled area. And, sludgy oil will only cause havoc in the engine of your Audi. Avoid any less-than-superb performance from your Audi by schedule routine services, such as an oil change.

Diagnostic Check

It’s common for a check engine light to brighten up your Audi’s dashboard, and if this has happened to you, it’s important to give our Audi service specialists a call. Although many times it’s due to a malfunctioning sensor, a check engine light may also be a warning sign of a small problem that could turn into a big problem. You can easily avoid spending hundreds of dollars on future repairs by stopping by Audi’s leading service provider in Denver, Avalon Motorsports.

audi-pic-2Recommended Upgrades

Clear Bra

Keeping your Audi in excellent condition is easy when you have a clear bra installed. We know how heartbreaking it can be to find a rock-paint chip on the front-end of your vehicle. Don’t let your Audi become a victim by scheduling an Audi upgrade appointment with our specialists. To learn more, contact us today!

We encourage you to learn more about the Audi repairs, services and upgrades available to you by contact us online today. Feel free to drop by our beautiful, new facility or call 303-400-3001 now, and learn more about Audi service and repair that is second to none in Denver.