Cars have relied on electrical components for decades. And nowadays, cars are more complex than ever. Your car is likely outfitted with an alternator, battery, a starter, lights, cooling fans, a blower, a fuel pump switch, and a fuse box to manage all those components. So, with all those electrical parts weaving through the structure of your car, it’s no wonder that components can fail. When they do, we’re here to help.

Now let’s talk electric. Here’s our list of electrical problems that you may come across out there on the road. Trust that you can give us a call when you do run into a hiccup.

How Do You Know You’re Having Battery Problems?

If you’re having battery problems, then it’s likely that every electrical component in your car is failing as well. Think about it. We’ve all come across a time when you happen to leave your lights on overnight. The next day, you’ll have to find the jumper cables and a helpful stranger just to get your car started.

The problems don’t stop there. Without a working battery, all of the aforementioned components may not work.

Now, you may also have an issue with your alternator, the component of your car that’s responsible for creating electrical power from the engine. If you have a failing alternator, it won’t charge your battery, and it won’t send current to the components that rely on its charge. So, if you have an electrical problem that’s affecting every part of your vehicle, your battery or alternator may be to blame.

Other Electrical Problems

Your car may have a problem with individual components throughout the vehicle. Each may be caused by a variety of issues, which your mechanic may have to diagnose. If, for instance, you have a cooling fan that refuses to cool your radiator (and your car ends up overheating while it’s idling), then there may be a variety of components that have failed. You may have blown a fuse. A wire may have disconnected. Your thermometer may be broken. The list goes on—you may even have a belt-operated cooling fan that’s lost its belt!

In short, it’s best to bring your vehicle into your mechanic if you suspect you have an electrical problem that you can’t diagnose yourself. If you live here in Denver, and you have a German-manufactured vehicle, you can count on the experts here at Avalon Motorsports.

Your Battery & Electric Experts

Here at Avalon, we’re just as much electric service experts as we are motor service pros. Bring your vehicle into the shop whenever you notice an electrical problem, and we’ll get right to the source. Keep in mind, we specialize in German auto repair here at our Denver shop, so if you have an Audi®, BMW®, Volkswagen®, Porsche®, or Mini®, we’re the mechanics to call. Get started by scheduling service for your vehicle today!