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4 Ways To Get Your Car Winter Ready

Is your vehicle ready for winter? It's coming, so it is time to prepare your car. Here are four steps that will help you get your car winter-ready.

Get a battery check - 

Battery life diminishes in the cold, so it is important to have an up-to-date battery check before plunging into the season of snow and ice. A new battery can also be installed if needed, but make sure you buy from a reputable garage such as Avalon Motorsports. Replacing batteries can be dangerous if done incorrectly and pose serious safety risks.

woman driving car in winter
can with snow on undercarriage

Have Your Tires Rotated - 

When tires are not rotated they wear unevenly which can lead to increased fuel consumption and tire failure. Tire rotation is an easy and inexpensive service that should be done annually or every 10,000 miles by experienced auto repair experts. 

Wheels and tires that have been specifically designed for the colder weather provide great grip but also add to your vehicle’s overall performance when driving in slick conditions. This is especially important if you will be putting your car through rigorous driving conditions such as driving to work on icy roads.

Check Your Windshield Wiper Blades - 

Make sure that you have working, clean wipers to clear away ice and snow on the roads. Make sure they are free of cracks or splits as this will compromise their ability to remove water from the windscreen. It can be a good practice to make sure you buy new ones before winter begins! While you're at it, make sure all windows are free of cracks or chips because they can compromise visibility on icy roads.

car driving on snowy winter road
car driving on snow

Winterize Your Engine - 

Your car needs a little extra attention during the winter months. It is important to make sure that you have antifreeze in your radiator and windshield washer fluid, as well as good quality tires with an adequate tread depth. 

When you choose Avalon Motorsports in Denver for the auto repair your automobile requires, you will receive the attention you and your car deserve. To learn more about our battery, alignment, windshield, and engine maintenance services, please feel free to contact us online and schedule your auto services today.

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