At Avalon Motorsports it’s obvious that we are always going to profess loudly about the importance of regular and routine auto maintenance.  We’ve seen both the good and the bad of keeping up with or neglecting a manufacturer’s recommended regular maintenance schedules. We understand both the benefits and the negatives.

The benefits are fairly simple. Proper maintenance of your vehicle adds to the reliability of your automobile. A routine check of your car’s systems can alert you to any potential problems and help you avoid both expensive repair bills or frustrating break-downs that can leave you stranded. A regularly maintained vehicle also preserves a car’s resale value. You’ll get higher trade-in value or be able to ask for more through private sale if you have complete maintenance records. Routine auto service also helps you protect your bottom dollar by increasing fuel economy. By replacing air filters and checking fuel lines, you can save 15 to 20 percent on wasted fuel.

Where the benefits are more obvious to most, the negatives of a neglected automobile may be lesser known. Putting off regular or preventative maintenance cause more detrimental issues that are farther reaching than within the car’s engine compartment. According to the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) vehicle neglect costs our country approximately $62 billion in unperformed vehicle maintenance. Poorly operating vehicles cause five percent of all motor vehicle accidents every year, resulting in 2,600 deaths and almost 100,000 disabling injuries every year. The rippling effect of these accidents include almost $2 billion in lost wages, medical expenses and property damage every year. And of course, the environment is also effected. Ten percent of the nation’s autos cause 50 percent of the air pollution caused by motor vehicles.

With top-rated local® BMW service and Volkswagen Repair in Denver, Avalon Motorsports wants to do our part in helping you to protect both your investment and your family. We are passionate about quality automobile service and maintenance. To us, there is nothing routine about making sure your BMW or your Volkswagen is running at its optimal level. Come see the difference that Avalon Motorsports offers in german automobile service and repair.