Want to frustrate your auto mechanic? Just tell him “my engine is making a weird noise”. Where engine noise can indicate the presence of a growing or serious issue, different noises at different times indicate completely different problems. Describing that noise over the phone is generally not terribly helpful and it is often recommended that you bring your car in for service. Some of the noises coming from your engine that indicate your Porsche or Audi may need repair or that your BMW or VW need service include:

  • Avalon-Motorsports-Bosch-Audi-Porsche-BMW-Denver-300x225An ear-splitting, and often embarrassing, squeal. This irritating commotion that happens when you first turn your car on indicates that your fan belt has become loose. Let your Denver mechanic replace it safely as today’s belt settings can be quite complicated in some models.
  • Hissing or sizzling. These noises, heard when the engine is first shut off, are a sign that something is leaking or that your engine is overheating.
  • Grinding or scraping. If these noises are heard when applying your brakes, it’s a good indicator that you are in real need of new brake pads as the bare metal has now come in contact with other bare metal.
  • Whining. Not only irritating when emanating from small children, engine whine often points to excessive wear to the transmission or differential.

Because today’s automobiles are complex machines that contain a plethora of working parts, a number of different sounds can be produced when something goes amiss. With more than a decade of experience as Denver‘s preferred choice for Audi, BMW, VW and Porsche service and repair, our certified technicians have the qualified experience to know what those mysterious noises mean and can provide proper diagnosis and repair recommendations that can be trusted.