You may think that keeping an older BMW in pristine condition can be difficult, but the fact of the matter is that it’s not! All you have to do is make sure that you’re caring for it regularly, just like any other car. Additionally, if you’ve been following our previous blog post, you’re aware that our BMW repair technicians started giving you three tips for maintaining the performance of your older vehicle. Catch up now then continue reading to learn the third and final tip.


Rotors are part of your BMW’s braking system. In fact, the braking system is made of drums, rotors and calipers, in addition to brake pads and a few more parts. But by now you may be wondering what rotors and drums have to do with keeping your BMW out of the repair shop and driving on the open road. Over time, the rotors on your vehicle can be worn down, and if you’re not replacing your car’s brake pads as frequently as you should be, the rotor’s are the next “brake” in line to get your car to stop. Not replacing brake pads can lead to scoring of the rotors. In the end they’ll need to be replaced if worst comes to worst and your rotors are abused.

You can notice that your rotors may need to be replaced when you feel pulsating when stopping. If you’re caring for them properly, you’ll make an appointment with the BMW repair mechanics at Avalon Motorsports to give them a tune-up. Tuning them up involves “turning” and/or resurfacing them, but this can only be completed by the hands of a specialized BMW repairman. Go ahead and make an appointment with Denver’s leading BMW repair team today to better have your rotors turned and/or replaced.