Winter is a time of the year that many people look forward too; however, there are many who despise it. The cold and ice packed roads are just a couple of details that come with winter that many folks could deal without. Because winter is cold, slippery and in some cases dangerous, the leading BMW repair shop in Denver has been giving you a list of items that may be life saving. Keep reading to learn what they are!

Jumper Cables

Cold temperatures are known to drain the batteries of many cars. New batteries tend to do much better during the bitter cold months of winter, but old batteries that are on the brink of needing to be replaced may not make out alive. When this happens, a simple jump may be just what your car needs to come back to life.

Ice Scraper

You may be thinking that an ice scraper is common sense, but for many folks who park their cars in a garage at night may not think twice about putting one in their car. Although you could wait until your car is warm enough to heat the ice that’s frozen to the windshield, a simple ice scraper is faster and easier. Plus, if you run out of gas and your car won’t start, keeping your windows cleared will be an option.

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