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Roadways are covered in all sorts of debris. From rocks and gravel to sand and car parts, there are a variety of items that could be leaving their mark on your car. If you love your BMW, you better make it a priority to protect it in every way you possibly can. Obviously, having your vehicle fully insured is highly recommended; but what about any other car accessories? The BMW repair pros in Denver at Avalon Motorsports highly encourage you to protect your beautifully crafted BMW from nose to tail, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by purchasing and having our repair specialists apply a clear bra.

BMW repair DenverAdvantages of having a clear bra applied to your BMW:

  1. A clear bra prevents any road debris that hits your car to chip the paint.
  2. Because chips are prevented, the clear bra will also protect your car from inevitable rusting.
  3. It protects your car from having any chemical reactions that could end up eating away at the paint, such as deicer.
  4. Clear bras are one of the easiest accessories installed on your car which can be replaced.
  5. Installing a clear bra on your car when you first purchase it will help to increase the resale value by keeping the paint like new.

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