Winter has finally arrived in Colorado, and if you have been paying attention to what’s been happening outside, you know that there’s a foot of snow covering the streets of Denver. Unfortunately, not every car out there can get through the snow like you had hoped, but if you have the right essentials in your car, you’ll be safe even if you’re stuck in the snow for hours at a time.

Sand Bags

If you live in Denver, you probably already know of the good old fashioned sand bag trick that trucks are known to put in the back of their beds during the wintertime. But did you know that sand bags are great for cars that operate with rear wheel drive? A rear wheel drive car like a BMW is not something that you want to be caught driving, especially in a snow storm like this! So, instead of sliding around the road, place a sand bag above each tire in the trunk. Keep in this that this action doesn’t promise traction, but it definitely does help!

Dried Foods

If you’re going to be stuck behind an accident or on the side of the road in white out conditions, you may as well have some food to snack on. Dried foods are the best to carry with you, as they don’t spoil as fast as others will.

Don’t go anywhere just yet! Stay tuned in with Denver’s #1 BMW repair specialists to learn more great items to carry this winter.