Real Price of Hitting the Road Triptych

You may not think that hitting the road is as expensive as it is. In fact, many people who drive from work and home every day don’t think about the cost of it. Whether you’re driving a BMW or another German car, the professionals here in Denver want you to learn what the real price of hitting the road is. With that being said, from our BMW service professionals to you, here are the top nine unexpected costs of driving:

Expect the Unexpected

1. Accidents (The ones that aren’t your fault)

Unfortunately, being involved in an accident can be pricey and you have a 50/50 chance of it being your fault. If it’s not your fault and the other driver does not have insurance, you may be left covering the damage. Plus, if your dog jumps up on your car door to give you kisses while you’re in the driver’s seat or someone door-dings your car as hard as possible while you’re picking up your weekly groceries, there’s a cost for BMW service and repair right there that your insurance most likely won’t cover.

car1022. BMW Service and Maintenance

When your BMW is ready to be serviced, you can count on our German automotive experts in Denver to help you out. Although getting your oil changed every few months should be expected, many individuals don’t account for this sort of change when saving money for the unexpected.

3. Repairing Luxury Electronics

In this day and age, your BMW won’t be providing you with only a way to get around town; it provides you with luxurious entertainment, such as a navigation, an entertainment system and other complicated computing systems. When there is a problem with any of your BMW’s luxury electronics, you’ll need to have them serviced by the professionals at Avalon Motorsports.

4. Traffic Violations and Parking Tickets

Nobody can predict when they’re going to be pulled over or given a parking ticket for unlawful parking. If you’ve been given a traffic ticket, whether for a parking violation or other traffic violation, it can cost you a pretty penny. Penalties may range anywhere from $20 to $200 or higher, especially if you’re like most people and forget you were supposed to pay the ticket a month ago.

5. General Wear and Tear

No matter how old your BMW, you’ll experience common general wear and tear; everybody does. If you don’t want to look at the bumper bang-ups and little dings achieved from parking lots and minor incidents, you’ll have to pay to get them fixed without the use of insurance. Additionally, you’ll want to get these taken care of before your car experiences corrosion.

6. State Fees

When it’s been a full year since you last registered your car, you’ll typically get a postcard in the mail giving you the amount you owe the state to register the car’s plates once again. These state fees are based on the taxes paid on your car, and you could end up spending anywhere between $50 to $800. The newer the car, the higher the dollar amount. Keep in mind that states are starting to increase the amount you must pay to register your car in order to find new sources of revenue. Next year may be more expensive than the last.

7. Parking Permits

Do you live in Denver’s city limits? If so, we’re guessing you pay for a hefty parking permit. Parking permits usually start around $200 per month and increase depending on if you’d like covered parking. Downtown parking garages will take all your money, so be aware of all of your options if you’re wanting to save some dough.

8. High Deductibles

Whether you have high deductibles on your health insurance or your car insurance, high deductibles mean you’ll have to pay more if you’ve been in an accident. If you have the option, take a look at lower deductible plans to see if you can save some cash if an accident were to happen.

9. Unpredictable Fuel Prices

Whether you drive a diesel or a gas powered vehicle, fuel prices are always fluctuating. Why? The price of gas depends on the political stability, economy and many other hard-to-predict factors. If you don’t want to let fluctuating fuel prices take your money, drive as little as you can.

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