Upgrade Your BMW for Winter

Fall is the time to start thinking about the impending weather conditions and how you will keep your BMW in tip-top shape, and you and your passengers safe. Here are four things that will greatly protect your car this winter and avoid a visit to your local BMW repair shop.

Rubber Floor Mats

Want to protect your floor mats and interior? Get some rubber floor mats! Rubber floor mats are not only durable, but they are easy to clean: Just pull them out of your car, grab a hose, and have them clean in minutes, if not seconds. You will have peace of mind while you drive around this winter knowing that no matter how messy things get, your floors will remain in great condition.

Mud Flaps

At first mud flaps on your BMW may seem odd, but actually they are one of the best things you can do for your car and it’s body paint! Mud flaps will keep snow, gravel, and de-icer from spraying and crusting all over the sides of your car behind the wheels. Extra Tip: Though it may seem counter-intuitive, wash your car frequently during the winter; winter “sludge” (ice, de-icer, gravel, and other fluids from travel) can corrode your paint and cause serious damage to your paint.

Car Cover

As said before, “road sludge” is harmful for your car, and so is snow and ice that is left on the outside of your car. Carry a car cover with you to protect your paint if you have to park outside for prolonged periods of time.

Auxiliary Heater

Want to really upgrade your car for the winter? Get an auxiliary heater! It is a remote start for your heater and defroster. You can stay inside until your car is toasty warm and ready to drive, not only making your ride more comfortable, but also you will spend less time outside and more time getting what you need to done or spending time with your family.

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