Denver, Colorado is known as the heart of the Rocky Mountains. With snow piling up on the peaks of fourteeners to the streets that we drive on a daily basis, traveling can get a bit wicked. If you drive a BMW, then know by now that getting from point A to point B with a rear wheel drive vehicle when it’s snowing can be hectic. Your BMW service specialists here at Avalon Motorsports want to give you some tips to try, so that you can drive your BMW to the best of your ability, even when the roads are disastrous.

  1. One of the easiest solutions to getting better traction in your BMW is by putting weight in the trunk. BMW’s are known to have a heavier front than back, which can make driving on icy roads that much more difficult. Sand bags on the wheel wells in your car’s trunk can help to put distribute the weight more evenly, so that you can get much more traction than before.
  2. Snow tires are another solution that many car owners in Denver take part of, even if they’re not driving a BMW. Snow tires are pricier than the average tire, but they can help tremendously with loss of traction. Driving a rear wheel vehicle with snow tires in a Denver winter is highly encouraged.
  3. Run your tires a little lower on air. Running on flat winter tires would be an option, but regular tires can work as well. Flatter tires can get more traction, although the gas mileage will go down.

We hope that the above three suggestions will help you to get better traction the next time it snows. If you need more tips from your BMW service and repair specialists here at Avalon Motorsports, feel free to give us a call or schedule your appointment online with us today!