In our previous blog post, we mentioned how Denver and the rest of Colorado is starting to see the light of winter, which brings a lot of snow and terrible roads to be taken care of. If you’ve been driving on the roads in Denver, we brought it to your attention that your car probably has paint chip damage. Paint chips can bring the value of your car down, but it isn’t something that can’t be fixed! Once you’ve gotten your German engineered car like the Audi or BMW repaired, you should know that we can install clear bras to protect your car from future sand and gravel on the road.

Benefits that you can expect to experience with a clear bra installed on your car include protecting your car from any flying debris in the road from chipping your car, like sand, gravel and rocks. If you’re worried your car is going to get scratched and damaged from a shopping car bump, you won’t have to let it get to your head! You can also save some damage costs if you have any minor collisions or scrapes.

What are you waiting for? Visit Avalon Motorsports online now to learn more information about the services and repairs that we can offer your German engineered car. Make an appointment with us online today, and protect your car against those paint chips that you thought were inevitable.