Let’s face it, many of us white knuckle the steering wheel on the way to work when the roads are packed with snow and ice. The BMW service experts in Denver understand, because some of us do it too. However, it’s important that you understand that white knuckling your steering wheel may do more harm than good if you were to lose traction. So today, we’re going to be giving you some winter driving tips that you may be unaware of!

Colorado is full of hills and mountain side roads, so if you’re driving up a hill, make sure you don’t power up it. Applying more acceleration to your wheels on a snow-covered road can cause your wheels to spin, which can actually make you lose traction. Instead, try to get a little inertia before you reach the hill. As you reach the summit of the hill, reduce your speed and proceed down without accelerating.

Getting from point A to point B should never be a race, so make sure that you’re accelerating and decelerating slowly. If you don’t apply the gas slowly, as well as the brakes, you’ll be more at risk to lose traction. So take time to stop when you approach a stoplight, and remember that it takes longer to slow down when the roads are icy and snow packed.

Want more great tips for driving in the snow? Stay tuned for more info from your BMW service experts in Denver.