The Denver, Colorado BMW Experts.

When you desire the highest level of BMW service, repair and performance upgrades in Denver, turn to the BMW specialists at Avalon Motorsports. When you put your trust into the professionals at our BMW service center in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, you can rest assured you’ll get the best service and repairs needed to drive down the road worry-free.

Our BMW Master Technician is a former dealership team leader and M3 and M5 expert with an unparalleled level of diagnostic ability. Match this with our personalized care, and you’ll notice a measurable difference. Whether you desire to keep your BMW in superb running condition, or you desire more performance for the street or track, our BMW specialist at Avalon Motorsports is here to serve you!

bmw-2Common BMW Repairs, Services & Upgrades

Worthy Upgrades

Car Bra

An easy and inexpensive upgrade, in comparison to paint-chip and rock-ding repairs, is to have a clear car bra installed on your BMW. This BMW service is quick and easy and will provide you with the peace of mind you need that your sports car will have protection wherever you choose to drive.

Air Intake System

Although the BMW comes with a high-class air intake system, if you’re searching for a way to provide your car with a little bit more horsepower, an aftermarket, performance air intake system may be exactly what you need to generate the power you want.

Frequent Repairs

Steering Wheel Vibrations

Unfortunately, many BMW owners have reported their BMW 3 Series will shake or vibrate when braking. This problem has been reported by BMW drivers to get worse and worse until they feel a BMW repair is necessary. To keep your BMW in the best condition possible, we highly recommend you make an appointment with our repair specialists to have the problem resolved as soon as you feel something’s not right.

Coolant Leaks

Although coolant leaks won’t happen to every BMW out on the road here in Denver, it’s not uncommon for a BMW 7 Series to experience coolant leaks around the water pump. If you notice leaks have dripped onto the surface below your BMW after parking for a period of time, it’s time you give our BMW repair specialists a call.

bmw-pic-1Common Services

Check Engine Light Diagnostic

Just like any car, a check engine light may flash on and off as it pleases. If you think it has turned on and is an error, we recommend you visit our BMW service shop, Avalon Motorsports, for a diagnostic test. We can tell you in a matter of minutes if your BMW needs a repair or service, or if the check engine light sensor is faulty.

At Avalon Motorsports, there’s no substitute for training and experience. Visit Denver’s top BMW service and repair shop online today to learn if your BMW needs our assistance. Call Avalon Motorsports at 303-400-3001 today or set up an appointment online.