Car Diagnostic Services

Have you noticed that there is something wrong with your car, yet you are unsure of what the problem is? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that a dashboard indicator light has turned on. It can be difficult to feel safe in your car, and trust it to get you everywhere you need to go without knowing if something problematic is at hand. To better understand your car’s issue, make sure you call upon the leaders in German automotive care, Avalon Motorsports here in Denver, to diagnose your car for you. We work with Audi®, BMW®, Volkswagen®, Porsche®, and Mini® vehicles. Feel free to schedule an appointment today, or continue reading to learn more about our diagnostic services and common dashboard indicators that you might encounter.

We make diagnosing your car easy!

All you have to do is make an appointment with our German automotive technicians for a thorough diagnosis. Instead of playing the guessing game, we can help you determine the real problems you’re experiencing. Whether the check engine light is on, or your fuel light won’t turn off even though you pumped it full of gas, we can get down to the bottom of your issue. We can perform a diagnostic with specialized testing equipment, and if need be, we’ll get under the hood of your vehicle to take a closer look.