There’s no doubt about it; many folks who live in Denver are a little frightened to get behind the driver’s seat when the roads are slick. It comes to no surprise that it’s because they don’t have much experience driving on snow packed roads. With that being said, Denver’s finest German auto repair team at Avalon Motorsports has prepared some driving tips you need in order to make it from point A to point B safely, even on the nastiest driving days.

Is your seat adjusted?

No matter if you’re driving your own car, a rental car or a friends car, you should always adjust your seat to be comfortable as soon as you sit down. While the car is in park, it’s important for you to adjust your seat so that your chest is no closer than 10 inches away from the steering wheel. This way, you’ll be close enough to the steering wheel to see the road ahead, but you’ll be far enough away to bend your elbows while maintaining control of the vehicle. And, in case of an accident, your hands, fingers and elbows will be less at risk for injury when the airbags deploy. If height is not on your side, you may need to look at getting a pedal extension or wedge cushion in order to maintain a safe distance away from the steering wheel.

After adjusting the driver’s seat, be sure you take a look at the rear view mirror and side view mirrors to make sure they’re adjusted properly. Confirm the position that their in, and if you need to, make sure you adjust them prior to starting your vehicle. And, as always, buckle up for safety!

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