Worker Detailing a Car

No matter what German-made vehicle you drive, you should be keeping it spotless. A happy car is a car that is cared for. If your care doesn’t show, it’s time to invest in some products that may make your car shine like you’ve never witnessed. In our previous blog, we gave readers a list of our favorite products; some for use on the interior and some for the exterior. Here are a couple more that you may want to buy — after all, it may make your car cleaner without any effort at all.

Useful Car Accessories Under $100 We Love!german auto repair denver

  1. Carrand AutoSpa Interior Car Detail Duster for $3.46 at Amazon. The Carrand AutoSpa makes keeping your car clean, easy! Without any effort at all, you can take a few swipes at the dash and make sure that it’s clean and dust-free. If you have pets, we’re sure this will come in handy! It’s made with chenille microfiber to capture the most stubborn dust particles.
  1. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner for $62.95 at For German-auto owners with leather seats, you better be taking care of the interior. If you don’t, you may be left with leather that doesn’t age quite well. This product is easy to use and is perfect for your leather seats.

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