Maintaining Your Vehicle's Interior

When you first purchased your brand new, beautifully designed German-made vehicle, you likely ooh’d and ah’d over the stunning interior. German-made vehicles are well known for their gorgeous interior designs. Whether you opted for that custom leather interior or choose a simple but elegant style, you want to keep the interior of your car looking nice for many years to come.

As a German auto repair shop in Denver, we specialize in helping our clients keep their vehicles in tip-top shape. We know how much pride you take in your vehicle and we work hard to ensure our quality of work always meets and exceeds your expectations. To help you ensure your vehicle stays looking as nice as it runs, we have compiled this list of tips and tricks for keeping your car’s interior in tip-top condition.

Remove Stains Right Away

While ideally you will never slip up and spill your morning coffee all over your front seat or be the host to a child who throws their food across the back seat, accidents do happen. If you spill something in your car, it is important that you take care of the stain right away. The longer you leave stains to set, the harder they will be to ever fully remove.

The moment a spill happens, take the time to sop up any liquid. You can use a clean cloth to dab the area dry. Next, use a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for the type of interior you have. For example, if you have a leather interior, don’t utilize the same spot cleaner you would use on your laundry. Make sure you buy a specific cleaner that will safely remove stains from the interior.

If you are in the middle of traffic and you can’t attend to a spill right away, try to get to it as soon as possible. This is particularly true during the summer as the hot sun will cook stains into your interior. Leaving a stain even for one full workday can make it extremely difficult to:

Cover Your Seats When Needed

When you know your car’s interior will be at risk for extra spills and damage, it can be worthwhile to cover the seats. You can utilize an old blanket or fitted sheet to stretch over the back seats or beach towels to cover individual seats. This can be extremely helpful when you are going to be transporting animals or kids.

While your friend’s dog might not look like it sheds much, it might leave behind more fur than you anticipate. Dog fur can be extremely difficult to get out of your interior once it weaves its way into the fabric of your seats. And your friend’s child might also seem angelic but small kids have a knack for spilling things in any scenario. By taking the time to protect your seats, you can make clean up as simple as throwing towels and sheets into the wash. This way there is no harm and no stress while you transport everyone around town.

Vacuum & Dust Frequently

Sometimes, it is the simple day-to-day maintenance that goes the longest way in protecting your vehicle. Just like you would never skip your oil service on your BMW, don’t skip out on frequently cleaning your vehicle’s interior. Grab your small hand-held vacuum at least once a week and clean up any dirt or other debris. Even when you don’t think your car’s interior looks particularly dirty, it can be helpful to remove the grime that slowly builds up.

You should also use a damp cleaning cloth to dust the interior of your car each week. Over time, dust can build up on your dash, knobs, vents, and other areas. By doing a quick dusting each week, you can cut down on how much dirt permanently cakes onto the interior.

Add A Trash Bin

Similar to the above point about keeping up with frequent cleaning maintenance, you should implement systems that help you keep your car free of debris. Something as simple as adding a trash bin can go a long way in keeping rubbage from piling up on your floorboards

While tossing your empty coffee cup on the floor might not seem like a big deal, this can lead to coffee stains and stickiness on your floor mats. This can then, in turn, attract dust which will cake onto the spot and lead to a difficult-to-remove stain. Prevent this by not allowing trash to float around your car. A trash bin is not only good for keeping debris from building up in your car, it will encourage passengers to also contribute to the cleanliness of the vehicle. Make sure that every few days you empty out the trash bin to ensure your car does not develop any less than desirable odors.

Pay For Deep Cleaning

If you follow the above tips, your car’s interior will stay fairly clean. However, over time grime can start to build up in hard to reach areas. Paying for a car detailing a few times a year can go a long way in preserving the interior of your vehicle and will prevent long-term damage.

Repair Any Tears Right Away

When you notice a crack or tear on your car’s seats or other interior components, make sure you attend to them right away. The longer you leave a tear or crack, the worse the damage will become. You can even purchase your own repair kits to take care of a rip or tear right away. Keep in mind that many do-it-yourself kits will not provide the same level of quality as having the tear professionally repaired. Be sure you know what you are doing before you attempt to repair any major tears.

Here at Avalon Motorsports, we are passionate about helping our clients keep their German-made vehicles in tip-top shape. Make sure you start by taking good care of your interior and continue the love for your car by bringing it into our shop for frequent maintenance. We can help you keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape.