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Making sure your German automobile’s leather is in pristine condition for all its life is important. With the help of the German-auto repair specialists here at Avalon Motorsports of Denver, you can easily manage your interior to keep your car’s leather looking as good as new. To catch you up, we previously gave you some advice to use organic leather cleaner most of the time when wiping down your leather interior. However, there will be instances you’ll want to use a more powerful cleaner. Here are more tips for keeping your German vehicle’s leather interior in superb condition:

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Leather Cleaning Tips

Never ever clean your car without using a conditioning solution. Whether you’re in a rush to clean your car’s leather or not, it’s important you never clean without conditioning. Leather will dry out if you do not use a conditioner after you clean it. Because leather is a porous and absorbent material, surfactants and cleaning products are just cleaning the surface of the leather, they’re cleaning the depths of it. Because of this, the leather can be cleaned of all it’s natural oils and seem a bit malnourished after it’s cleaned. Because of this, it’s imperative you always, alway, always conditions after your clean to restore any vital nutrients the leather once had. Doing so will help to keep the leather’s supple and soft texture. Plus, the surface will become more resistance against UV light, it won’t be damaged by stains as much, and it won’t be susceptible to fading, drying, or cracking any time soon. So remember, no leather cleaning process is ever finished without conditioning!

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