Resting in the Back of a Hatchback

Are you wanting to make your car more useful? Cars are used to drive from point A to point B daily, but did you know that there are some items that you’ll find useful while you drive? The German auto repair experts at Avalon Motorsports have already given readers some ideas on product upgrades for Audis, BMWs, and Porsches, but what if you don’t feel like upgrading your car and want to spend under $100 on a few useful car accessories you’ll use everyday? Here are the top most recommended car accessories that you’ll find amusing, worthy and unique.

  1. 2-Inch Blind Spot Mirrors for $4.95 on These mirrors are a cheap, yet useful purchase. Some vehicles are born with unreasonable blind spots which can become a danger to yourself and other drivers out on the open road. If you place these 2 inch blinders on your side mirrors, you’ll be able to see the road in your blind spots; being aware is always a great attribute to have when behind the wheel.
  2. Drop Stop for $9.88 on Can we be honest for a second? Everyone has dropped their phone, keys, credit card, chapstick or an important item into the abyss in between the seat and the center console, are we right? There’s nothing worse than having to squish your hand into the abyss to put forth a rescue mission for the now lost soul of an item. If this sounds like an encounter you deal with on a daily basis, it’s time to invest in a $10 solution, a Drop Stop.

Don’t go anywhere just yet, Denver’s finest German auto repair experts have more great car accessories that you’ll find not only amusing, but worthy and unique. Stay tuned!

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