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If you have a German vehicle, you’re driving an entirely different machine than autos built from other manufacturers. German vehicles are just built differently. That fact is as true today as it was when BMW was known for building airplanes. If you have a German vehicle, and you need to take it to the shop for repairs or maintenance, you’ll need to visit a true German-vehicle mechanic. We know German parts, how to repair and maintain German vehicles, and we have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the best performance out of your auto.

The Parts

Sure, German vehicles aren’t entirely different than manufacturers from other countries—after all, a vehicle always has an engine, a steering wheel, and a few tires. However, if you crack open the hood of an Audi®, for instance, you’ll see an engine that’s entirely different than you’d see if you opened up a Honda. Each part is custom-made for that specific brand of vehicle. Moreover, most parts are made specifically for a given make and model. So, in short, you’ll have to know a vast variety of German auto parts to be able to work on any given German vehicle. Specialized German-vehicle mechanics know their German auto parts, and they know how to maintain and repair them—or where to buy a new component if a part has failed.

Maintenance & Repairs

Porsche repair services in Denver, CO.Parts, repairs, and maintenance go hand-in-hand. Since German vehicles have specialized parts, and unique engine orientations, maintenance and repairs are just a bit, well, different. Disassembling a VW motor will be far different than pulling apart a Ford®; especially if we’re talking about an old school Beetle with a rear-mounted engine.

In addition, German autos require different maintenance than other auto manufacturers’ vehicles. Take BMW makes and models; these vehicles tend to scream through oil, at least in comparison with, say, a Japanese vehicle. Now, that’s not a bad thing; it’s helpful to keep your Beemer a well-oiled machined, and continual oil changes ensure that these unique German engines perform as they should. You’ll simply need to bring your vehicle into the shop more often for an oil change to keep the engine youthful and powerful. The same is true for every component of a German engine. You may need more or less maintenance and repairs throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. Regardless, like every vehicle, German cars require regular maintenance and repairs, but it is best to take your car into a specialized German-auto mechanic; here’s why…

Knowledge & Experience

When it comes to maintaining and repairing German vehicles, knowledge and experience count. With manufacturers including Audi, VW, BMW, and Porsche®, Germany has cornered much of the luxury vehicle market here in the United States. German cars are known for their power, control, reliability, and cutting-edge tech. But alongside that pattern comes the unfortunately true stigma that German vehicles also require specialized care.

With the right tools and skill, a German-made vehicle can generally outlast and outperform most other cars on the market. And that’s exactly what we bring to the table here at Avalon Motorsports…

Avalon Motorsports

Here at Avalon, we bring loads of experience and knowledge to the table; that’s how we earned  our title as one of America’s 10 Best Automotive Shops (as reported by MotorAge). We bring over a decade of experience to the table, proudly providing Denver with premier mechanic services for German vehicles. Beyond that, we back our repairs with an unparalleled warranty on our work: A 4 year / 40,000 mile warranty. And education constantly continues here at Avalon; our team is continuously learning new techniques to keep up with new products and vehicles. Each staff member receives at least 25 hours of training per year to ensure that we are ahead of the curve when it comes to German auto repair and maintenance. Meet the team behind the Avalon name here, and learn more about the history behind our shop here. Count on us for your German auto maintenance and repair needs—after all, that’s our specialty!