Snow Driving Triptych

dreamstime_xxl_48405520Driving in the snow can feel frustrating and scary for anyone, but being prepared, knowing how your car drives normally and having it serviced at a German auto repair shop before winter is key. Here are some other helpful tips:

Don’t Stop

When driving in the snow it is best to avoid stopping whenever possible. When you come to a complete stop you can become stuck and may require quite a lot of power to get back going.  Stopping while driving is unavoidable, but try to avoid coming to a complete stop. Slowly coasting up to stoplights is a great example of what to do.

Drive With Care

Whether you have driven in the snow or it’s your first time, remember to drive with care and patience. It’s easy to become annoyed with those who are obnoxiously slow, but remember, an accident that could end in someone getting seriously injured or worse isn’t worth you getting to where you’re going faster.

Stay Home

If at all possible, stay home on extra icy days. The more congested the roads are, the more likely an accident will occur. Not everyone gets the luxury of not going into work or working from home, but if you don’t have to be out in the conditions, don’t be!

dreamstime_xxl_11585332Stay Calm

And lastly, stay calm. It’s easy to feel anxious about driving in the snow, but with these tips and your attention fully on the road you will most likely be fine. Remember: Practice makes perfect! And if you really can’t handle driving in the snow, ask to carpool with someone.

Have Your Car Fully Serviced

Along with getting your brakes checked, you should really have your entire car inspected and prepared for winter. Be sure to bring your car into our German auto repair shop in Denver! We can not only perform needed services, but we can also have your European car completely ready for when the snow comes!

Have any questions, contact Avalon Motorsports in Denver and we will get you ready for winter! We not only care about your car, but we care about you and your family’s safety.

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