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When you’re cruising down the highway with the windows rolled down, the sunroof letting in sunlight, your feet pressing the pedals as you shift from fourth to fifth, you couldn’t be happier. But just then, at the climax of your favorite song, your radio quits on you. It’s a tragic moment. Fortunately, having your stereo system replaced is a relatively simple procedure for your vehicle. Let’s talk about some of the considerations that you’ll have to weigh when selecting your speakers and stereo interface.

Selecting Your Speakers

First things first, it’s time to consider your speakers. If you have standard speakers in your car, they may be producing a sound that’s lackluster instead of pumping out a sound that’s bumping, you’ll want to swap out your speakers. Not sure what to look for? Check out this article from Crutchfield, it’s a buyer’s guide for speaker shoppers. You’ll have to consider the sensitivity, power, and range of the speakers that you’d like to purchase, as well as their material of your speakers. In addition, you’ll have to consider the price of the speakers that you select. A set of speakers can cost anywhere from about $100 to over $1,000, so you’ll certainly have to shop around. When it comes to the pricetag on your speakers, the general rule is: a higher price means a louder speaker, a more durable speaker, and better sound produced by the speaker.

Upgrading Your Interface

Next, it’s time to select your interface. While most vehicles come with slots that are universally sized so that you can take your pick of an interface, other vehicles require custom interfaces, so your selection may be limited. If you have a standard dashboard, you can see a list of the top ten best audio systems on TopTenReviews. The article notes that radio interfaces can come with any number of features. You might be looking for a stereo that has a USB input, so that you can use your phone to play music. Or perhaps, you prefer to play SiriusXM, since you’re always on the road. Or maybe you demand to have your music playing in HD—which means that you’ll have to find a model with an HD receiver. And do you care what your stereo interface looks like?

Will you need a CD player, or are you content with just an AUX cord.

Not Sure Where to Get Started?

If you’re on the market for a stereo system, but you don’t know where to get started, stop in at the shop here at Avalon Motorsports. We provide car upgrades, including stereo upgrades. We’ll help you to find a system that works best with your desires, as well as your vehicle. Bring your vehicle and your questions into our Denver shop. Take note, we work exclusively with German-manufactured vehicles, including Audi®, BMW®, Volkswagen®, Porsche®, and Mini® cars. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment! Count on us to upgrade the sound in your vehicle!