Mini Coopers are great cars, and many people in the Denver area love to drive them all around the state. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a grocery getter, it’s time for you to think about purchasing a MINI. In our previous post, our MINI service team started giving you some of the most sought out pros of buying a MINI; here are more:

  • Gas mileage. Although gas prices are diminishing, they fluctuate enough to make people want to buy cars with great gas mileage, and a Mini Cooper can give you just that. However, it’s important to understand that even though a MINI takes premium gas, it will continue to drive for hundreds of miles per tank.
  • Less frequent MINI service. Even though every car needs regular maintenance, MINI’s don’t need it as often. In fact, MINI’s can go nearly two years without having to be checked out. Though many MINI owners decide to get their oil changed sooner, it isn’t always required.
  • Great resale value. Whenever you purchase a car, you think about the resale value. Well let us be the first to tell you that MINI’s resale values are high. Assuming the car is in great shape and has no problems, we’re sure you can get a nice price for selling it. High trade in values are definitely an added bonus to buying a MINI.

If you have decided to purchase a MINI, it’s equally as important to make sure it gets the high quality service it deserves. Call upon the MINI service specialists in Denver at Avalon Motorsports.