Mini Coopers are great cars, and whether you’re attracted to them or not, they give their owners some pretty awesome benefits that not everyone knows about. In one of our previous Mini Cooper blogs, we started giving you some great details on Mini Coopers and the great perks they come with. To catch you up, we mentioned that they are really fun, provide you with 400 miles per tank of gas and can be resold at an amazing value when you feel it’s time for an upgrade. Here are some more wonderful reasons to indulge in a Mini Cooper as your newest edition to the family.

Many models to choose

No matter your taste in style, the Mini Cooper has it all. There are base, S and convertible models that work for any look you’re going for. Soft-top, hard-top and sportier models are available for anyone in any style!

Handling is superb!

Mini Coopers have been compared to a train on rails, or better yet, a go-kart on wheels! Mini Coopers are low to the ground, which makes curves,  twists and turns fun! Eat up mountain roads and leave cars behind in the dust. So to keep it simple, the handling is hot-to-trot and definitely top notch.

Leave it to superior performance.

These little cars have some power! For the base automatic model, you can go from zero to sixty in just 7.3 seconds and for the manual, 7.4 seconds. It’s not as fast as a Ferrari, but for this little car’s turbocharged engine and great gas mileage in mind, it will do.

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