There are many times a lot of drivers out there on Denver’s roads are white-knuckling the steering wheel. With rough weather conditions, it comes to no surprise that many of us are down right terrified of sliding off the ice-packed roads. With that in the back of your mind, you should do everything in your power to control your environment, including your visibility. Denver’s finest MINI service pros know how you can increase your visibility, even in the whitest of white out conditions this winter.

Enhance your visibility.

There’s nothing more risky and terrifying than driving in conditions that limit your visibility. Whether you have windows that fog up erratically, or the snow is so bad your windshield seems to be a sheet of white, there are a few things that you can do to increase your visibility, even in the worst of snow storms.

  • Be sure that your windshield is clean. A dirty windshield can deteriorate your vision, especially if you smoke. A smokey film will attach to the inside of your windshield, so it’s important that you wipe it down a least once every few months. During a cold or hot situation, your window is more likely to become cloudy. And, every time you fill up your tank, be sure you scrub off the dirt and grime that your windshield has collected.
  • A bright idea would be to get all of the muck and grime off of your headlights. Lots of debris will splash up onto your headlights, reducing the illumination of your headlights by up to 90 percent. Every time you stop to get gas, be sure you’re scrubbing the dirt off your headlights.
  • If your visibility is hampered due to weather and you can’t see the edges of the road, be sure to either pull off the road until the fog, snow or rain lightens up, or drive at slow speeds. Regardless, it’s important that you’re always following other vehicles at safe distances.

If you’re having trouble with your visibility, it may be time to replace your headlights with a brighter bulb or ask the professionals for some advice on how to clean your windshield fog easily. Contact the finest MINI service pros in Denver at Avalon Motorsports today!