Buckling a Seatbelt Closeup

With all of the crazy and sometimes strange car accessories available to you out there on the market, it can be overwhelming to learn which ones you really need. As Denver’s leading MINI service center, Avalon Motorsports we’ve covered a few of our own favorites. We started off by sharing treasured blind spot mirrors, Drop Stops, a Dashgrip and Fix-A-Flat. Here are more car accessories for sale under $100 you may need in your car.

Useful Car Accessories Under $100 We Love!german auto repair denver

  1. Resqme Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker 2 in 1 Quick Car Escape Keychain Tool for 17.95 on Amazon. You may not think that you will need this tool, but if you’ve driven the tight corners in the Rocky Mountains, you never know when you’ll need to escape. Tight corners can cause drivers to swerve, resulting in an accident. Don’t become stuck in your car when you need to escape. Buy a two pack of any colors you want!
  1. Mpow Streambot Y Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter for $32.99 on Amazon. Although there are plenty of cars with Bluetooth capabilities, if your teen or yourself are completely into music and without a car with Bluetooth capabilities, the Streambot Y Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter is a great accessory. For under $100, music can be heard and GPS voice navigation will be clearer than ever. Plus, you can charge your device!

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