Mini Coopers are seen driving down the street and everyone says, “That looks fun!” Well, let the number one service shop in Denver, Avalon Motorsports, be the first to tell you that a Mini Cooper is a fun car to drive, and there are many great pros to owning any model of MINI. Here are some of the most rewarding pros of owning a MINI:

  • Fun to drive. Many folks want to purchase a MINI because they just look so fun to drive. You’re not wrong! Not only can they zoom wherever they want to without a problem, but they can be parked practically anywhere. If you’re going to drive a car, it may as well be a fun one that you enjoy driving.
  • Customization. When was the last time you got to customize your very own car? Sure, you may be able to pick out the color you want for your new BMW, but what about a MINI? When you buy a MINI, you’ll be able to completely customize it. From adding colorful racing stripes to adding a number to the side, there are many different ways you can customize your car according to your tastes.
  • Affordable. MINI’s are super affordable. Although some of the customizations will cost more than just a base model MINI, they are not required when purchasing a Cooper. A Mini Cooper is highly affordable if you get the base.

Don’t go anywhere just yet. Our MINI service team in Denver has more great pros to buying a MINI. Stay tuned to read our next blog: Pros Of Owning A MINI.