There are a multitude of MINI drivers in the Denver area. Most of which are unsure of who to take their car to if a problem occurs. With our incredible team of factory-trained diagnostic and MINI repair specialists available to treat their vehicle with the highest care, you can rest assured your MINI will receive the service needed to live a bright future. Couple this technical care with an industry leading warranty, transportation assistance and unmatched personalized care and you’ll be a client for life. Whether you desire to keep your MINI running safely and efficiently, or you’re looking for better performance for the street or track, Avalon Motorsports is here to serve you!

mini-pic7 Most Common MINI Cooper Problems

  1. Clutch failure. When you purchase a MINI Cooper, the last issue on your mind is clutch failure early on in MINI ownership. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to experience clutch failure if you have a 1st or 2nd, 5-speed or 6-speed model MINI Cooper. Some of the earliest clutch failures debuted before 20,000 miles.
  2. Transmission failure. Automatic transmission issues are notorious in MINI Coopers, especially the 1st generation models. Luckily, our MINI Cooper specialists have the technique and experience needed to gain your trust quickly in case you experience a problem.
  3. Timing chain noise. It’s inevitable for any car to make more noise than it’s supposed to;  however, MINI Coopers report common timing chain rattling that is often referred to as “the death rattle.” Why? This repair can be quite costly if not caught early on. If you hear rattling, be sure you contact our MINI repair specialists as soon as possible. The longer the rattle, the bigger the problem.
  4. Water pump and thermostat housing leaks. If your MINI Cooper has more than 50,000 miles on it, it’s important you take the time to have your MINI serviced properly. This is due to the fact that the water pump and thermostat housing may end up deteriorating over time, causing you the housing to experience leaks.
  5. Front radiator support. Many brands of cars use metal to support the front radiator, but in order to keep the MINI light and speedy, MINI opted to use plastic as the front radiator support. This part of the MINI Cooper sits low to the ground and is much more susceptible to damage. Because of the plastic body of the front radiator support system, there are a larger amount of damage issues.

MINI Upgrades

No matter the model of MINI you own, it’s important you understand there will always be upgrades. Feel free to contact our MINI specialists at Avalon Motorsports in Denver today to learn more about the upgrades available for your model of MINI.

Do You need A MINI Specialist?

If you are an owner of a MINI vehicle, it’s highly suggested you reach out to specialists who can help you achieve a healthy car year-round. Join Avalon Motorsports online today to schedule a service or repair. If you have any questions, give us a call at 303-400-3001.