There are so many things people hear about mechanics, like that they’ll sell you anything just to get some commission, even if your car doesn’t need it. Because of this, our Porsche repair specialists of Denver are going to set the record straight and help you out by giving you 10 ways that you can find a great mechanicAvalon-Motorsports-2005-Porsche-911-Turbo-S-017 you can trust.

Check out local car forums online.

Car forums are an easy way to learn what kind of problem may be going on with your Porsche. You can also find forums for car parts and even recommendations from others who drive the same car as you.

Have you checked with your Denver car club?

There’s usually a car club in every city. So if you haven’t already, contact the local car club in your area to ask personal and local advice. These are the people you can trust to give you some names of mechanics and repair shops that won’t rip you off.

Car shops with classics are key!

If you stumble into an auto service and repair shop that has classic hot rods, you’re more likely in a great shop. This shows that the mechanics are dedicated to what they provide and will care about the efforts put forth to repair your car.

How does the shop look?

Take a look at pictures online or go into a shop you’re interested in. If the shop looks messy and untrustworthy, the service provided to you will probably be the same. Make sure you’re choosing an auto repair shop for your Porsche that is well organized and clean.

Don’t go anywhere just yet! Stay tuned for more easy ways you can find a great mechanic you can trust in Denver.