Finding a trustworthy auto repair mechanic for your Porsche is necessary. Because there are some mechanics and car repair shops in Denver that have been known to rip people off by providing work or upgrades on cars that didn’t need it just to make some money, we wanted to do do our part in providing you with 10 ways you can find a great mechanic that you can trust. We’ve already provided you with 4. Here are some more thoughts you should consider…

Take time to meet the mechanics.

When you take the time to meet the mechanics who will be providing your Porsche with the repair or service it needs, you’ll be able to figure out if they’re good people. Having someone you have never met work on your car is very trusting, so don’t be shy about asking to meet the mechanics!

Ask them about the parts they’ll be using to repair or service your car with.This is a normal thing to ask your mechanic. You should always be in the know when it comes to your car. So ask what kind of parts they think are best, and what any of the other options available are.

Don’t go anywhere just yet. Make your Porsche service appointment with the trusted mechanics at Avalon Motorsports today and stay tuned for the final blog on how to choose a mechanic you can trust in Denver for all of your Porsche service needs.