Let’s face it, sometimes driving a Porsche isn’t the smartest thing to do in the winter, but luckily for you, it’s almost summer time! Although it’s been raining nonstop here in Denver, there is a bright sunshining summer just ahead of us, which means you will be out and about driving your Porsche around town in no time! But before you decide to take your Porsche out, think back to the last time you had it serviced.

Making sure to service your Porsche is highly important. There are many different issues that could happen if you’re not providing Porsche services regularly. Things like transmission problems or failure, a broken timing belt, or an overheated engine are some of the worst fears that any car owner could be faced with. If you want to avoid these possibilities, it’s time for you to understand what some of these signs are to of an overheated engine.

Overheated Engine

One warning signs that points to an overheated engine is if the temperature gage on your dashboard is in the red. You may also be smelling burnt oil, experiencing a loss of power and even spotting leaks under your car. If you aren’t sure why our Porsche is overheating, it could be because of collapsed, leaky or clogged hoses, loose clamps or even a faulty temperature gauge in the water pump.

If you believe that your Porsche is at risk of overheating, make an appointment with Denver’s leading Porsche master mechanics at Avalon Motorsports today! Stay tuned for more troubling Porsche blogs in the future.