Driving in Denver can be hectic and nerve wracking, especially if you’re not used to driving in the snow. Luckily the Porsche repair experts in Denver want you to stay safe, whether that’s on the side of the road waiting for the storm to pass, or stuck in a snowbank waiting for help, you need to stay prepared. And we’re expecting a big storm from El Nino soon. With that being said here are some items you should make sure to pack away in your car, just in case.

A Shovel

You never know when you’ll be stuck. Being stuck could be as silly as not being able to drive out of a parking spot or as serious as being buried in a snowbank. Whatever the need for a shovel is, you better stay prepared by having one packed in your trunk, just in case!

Tire Chains

Depending on what you drive, tire chains may be necessary, or better yet, buy some snow tires. These tools can help to create traction that is much needed. A Porsche wasn’t made for Denver roads in the winter time, but if a Porsche is all you have to drive, you better be prepared.

Learn more great tips from our Denver Porsche repair and service experts online now. We want you to stay safe out there during the big rush of El Nino’s snow! Stay tuned for more great blogs from Avalon Motorsports…