Black Porsche Headlight Closeup

Porsche repair denverWinter is coming, much to the excitement of some and the dread of others. Fall is the perfect time — especially in Colorado with likely forecasts of snow in October — to get your car ready for winter.

For Storage

If you’re storing your Porsche, be sure to know all that needs to be done before hand. Call your local Porsche service in Denver for pre-storage maintenance specifics. To store your Porsche you will need to consider keeping your battery charged and healthy during the winter season, as well as maintaining fluids at optimal storage levels.  

For Winter Driving

If you’re planning to drive your Porsche in Colorado’s winter conditions you should perform the following maintenance well before your snow starts falling:

Change Tires

Though the tires your have on your Porsche now make it more than fun to drive, to stay safe and off the side of the road, you will need to change your tires to a winter version specifically for your car. Winter tires will increase your traction and performance in the snow and can give you greater peace of mind, knowing that you will have the best traction for your car.

Check the Battery

Nothing is worse than being stuck out in the snow with a dead battery especially when the temperature drops significantly. If you know how, check your battery, or take it to a certified Porsche service auto shop. While checking your battery you should check your entire charging system: your alternator and cables.

Check the Brakes

Having the brakes checked and in good condition for the winter is self-explanatory: Winter brings with it road conditions and situations that will require stopping quickly. As with your battery, it is best to have your entire braking system checked.

Want to make sure your Porsche is ready for winter? Bring your car into Avalon Motorsports. We regularly perform Porsche service for our Denver clients and would be glad to help you get yours ready for winter today — schedule an appointment now!