It took Colorado a while, but winter has finally arrived! If you’ve been enjoying the mild winter we had in November and December because the snow was very minimal, you’re probably upset about the cold fronts that have been bringing inch after inch of snow here in Denver. Unlike other weather patterns, snow is a beautiful part of nature to look at, but unfortunately for the drivers out there on the roads, it can be more of a horrendous sight.

Winter driving isn’t too bad here in Denver. The C-DOT is pretty good at staying on top of scraping the paved roads away with the snow, so that you can enjoy a safe drive to work in your Audi, Porsche or VW. Although the roads may be bearable, if you have taken a look at your car recently and noticed a lot of paint chips, you shouldn’t be surprised. When the snowplows shovel the snow off of the roads in Denver, they also lay down sand and gravel. All of this sand and gravel will enable you to control your car better without slipping on ice, but it does have it downfalls. Sand and gravel is hard to avoid, and it can end up damaging the paint on your car by chipping it away piece after piece. The more paint that is missing from the bumper and other parts of your car, the more likely it is that your car will continue to chip from the edges that have been broken off.

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