When it comes to winter driving, safety is our number one concern. Understandably, many of us drive with white knuckles and bodies as stiff as a board when there is snow on the road, but did you know that if you’re relaxed, your reaction time will be much better? No matter how fast or how slow your reaction time is in the winter, ice doesn’t care. Because of this, the leading Porsche repair specialists in Denver want to give you the top 15 items to be carrying along with you in your car this winter.

Blankets and Hand Warmers

You can’t stay alive if you can’t stay warm. Keeping a spare blanket and a few hand warmers in your car may come in handy. You never know when a road will be shut down, stranding you in a blizzard. Having a blanket and hand warmers to keep you warm may end up saving your life.


If you have lived in Colorado for long, then you already know that the blizzards we get can be brutal. Seeing a short distance can be a difficult accomplishment in a blizzard, which is why storing flares in your car could be useful. Whether you need to let someone know you’re broken down on the side of the road or give clues to your whereabouts if stranded, flares can get the job done.

Don’t go anywhere just yet. Denver’s top Porsche repair specialists have more great items that you need to be carrying this winter.