Avalon Motorsports is located in the heart of Denver, Colorado and is the top Porsche® service, repair and performance expert to trust in the city. Not only is Avalon Motorsports authorized to personally care for your vehicle, but you’ll notice a measureable difference in comparison to other auto repair shops in the area. You can trust that our factory-trained Porsche® technicians have the expertise and industry leading equipment to execute our work at the highest level. We provide Porsche® service to vehicles ranging from the air-cooled, vintage models to the more current, water-cooled turbo and non-turbo vehicles.

Whether you desire to keep your Porsche® in excellent running condition or you want superior performance for the street or track, our Porsche® specialists at Avalon Motorsports are here to serve you! Don’t trust you investment to anyone other than Denver’s premier Porsche® service. Call Avalon Motorsport today at 303-400-3001.

porsche-picCommon Porsche Repairs and Services

  1. Check engine light.  Unfortunately, with every car, there are problems and a Porsche is no exception. The check engine light is the first sign and an excellent early-warning system notification that allows you to better understand the condition of your German engineered vehicle. If the OBD system has detected an issue with your Porsche, the check engine light will turn on. No need to fret, though, our expert Porsche technicians can give you the problem in detail and repair it without hesitation.
  2. Engine oil level. Because of internal combustion within the strong engine of the Porsche, engine oil levels are not always as high as they should be. To keep your Porsche in the best condition, we suggest you keep a keen eye on the level of your car’s oil; or, better yet, schedule regular oil changes with our Porsche master technicians.
  3. Water pump leak. In all cars, a water pump leak may become a problem. However, because a Porsche has a strong engine with high horsepower, it’s extremely important you take care of the issue before it destroys the strength of the engine.
  4. Problematic brakes. No squeaking or squealing should be coming from your Porsche’s brake pads. So, if you hear some sounds you’re not too happy about, it probably means your brakes are ready to be checked, if not replaced. Although this is not the biggest problem you could run into, it’s one that could affect your safety.
  5. Clunks. No Porsche should sound like a 30-year-old lemon. If you start to hear clunks coming from under the hood, it could be due to shocks, ball joints or even the exhaust. Constant wear and tear can make this unfortunate problem become a reality. The only solution is to call a German automotive specialist, such as Avalon Motorsports, for assistance.

Porsche Upgrades

If you are a Porsche owner, chances are, you’d like your Porsche to give you the power you crave. If you want to increase the horsepower of your sports car, you’ve come to the right place. At Avalon Motorsports in the heart of Denver, you can schedule appointments for all kinds of upgrades, one of which that will give your car the horsepower you want. To learn more about specific upgrades, feel free to contact us at 303-400-3001.

Do you need a Porsche specialist?

If you love your Porsche, a specialist is highly recommended. Why? With our dedication to keeping our knowledge advanced and up-to-date, you can sit back and relax knowing your Porsche is in good hands. If you’ve spent the cash on purchasing the car of your dreams, your German automobile deserves the attention from a specialist. Schedule an appointment for a Porsche service and/or repair today!