Holiday Driving Triptych

dreamstime_xxl_23083276Fall is the beginning of that wonderful time of year full of holidays, celebrating, and spending time with those special and important people in our lives. Many of us will be driving great distances and driving in winter conditions for big family gatherings. Having a safe and successful trip will take both preparation before and attention during your drive:

Service Your Car

Confidence in your car is important when driving long distances! You must not only feel safe in your car, but know you’re safe. When you get your car serviced you should have your tires checked for wear, balance and alignment; your brake system, for functionality; and other aspects of your car such as the heat system, antifreeze levels, etc. checked to make sure everything on your car is functioning at it’s most optimal.

Getting your car checked is important for two reasons: being able to travel safely during the winter is pertinent and the cold temperatures tends to bring out the worst in cars and be the catalyst for more issues. For more info on Avalon Motorsports Volkswagen service and service for other vehicles, check out our maintenance and repair services.

Plan Ahead

When driving long distance, be sure to look at your route before setting off. It’s easy to just let the GPS guide us, in essence, blindly; carry a map and know the route just in case you lose reception or your GPS stops working. Also, monitor weather along your route to know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand and for planning’s sake. Always let friends or family know when you will be traveling and your route; in the case of an emergency, they will know where you are!

Once you’ve gotten your car serviced and you’ve planned ahead, you’re almost ready to go! Stay tuned for more tips for your holiday driving! At Avalon Motorsports, Denver’s trusted auto shop, we offer full Volkswagen service, as well as service for all other German-made cars, to help you prepare for your holiday trips! Don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule service for your vehicle!