You can’t avoid all the flying pebbles, that falling hail, and the occasional accident that will leave your windshield cracked — especially if you’re driving on roads here in Colorado where the highways are fast and dirt roads are plentiful. If you’ve got a windshield with a ding or a crack or two, we can replace it, so that you have a clear line of sight to the road. Here at Avalon Motorsports, we can replace your windshield in a jiff, and we specialize in working with German-made vehicles (including Audi, BMW, VW, Porsche, and MINI autos). Schedule an appointment at our Denver auto shop today to swap out that damaged windshield. You can also learn more about windshield laws here in Colorado and nationwide, below.

Know the Law

While Colorado state law doesn’t have any statutes which specifically address windshield damage, drivers here in Colorado do still fall under Federal guidelines, so you should be weary that a damaged windshield could be grounds to be pulled over. According to the Department of Transportation article §393.61, vehicles may have windshields with cracks and damage, including:

  • “Any crack not over 1⁄4-inch wide, if not intersected by any other crack;
  • Any damaged area which can be covered by a disc 3⁄4-inch in diameter, if not closer than 3 inches to any other such damaged area.”

So, if you have a crack that is larger than a quarter of an inch, a crack that intersects another crack, damage that is greater than ¾ of an inch in any direction, or damage that is within 3 inches of other damage on a windshield, you’re liable to receive a ticket for the condition of your windshield.

In addition, Colorado statute 42-4-201 notes that “(no) vehicle shall be operated upon any highway unless the driver’s vision through any required glass equipment is normal and unobstructed.” This vague law may be sufficient to earn you a ticket as well if you have a damaged windshield. If you’re driving with a cracked windshield, it’s better to be safe than sorry, replace your windshield before it becomes a hazard.

Quick Replacements at Avalon Motorsports

Here at Avalon Motorsports, we work with all sorts of makes and models, and we can fit your vehicle with a windshield designed to perfectly fit your car. So long as we have your windshield in stock, we can swap out your damaged windshield in a matter of minutes. Get started by giving us a call or stop by our auto shop at 6950 East Colfax Ave.