Driving on ice-packed and snowy roads is some people’s worst nightmare, and unfortunately, there’s no way of getting around driving on these types of roads in Denver. If you aren’t a fan of snow and you despise driving in it, you need to be carrying some lifesaving items with you at all times during the winter months. Previously, our Audi service specialists mentioned a few items to keep stored away in your trunk. Keep reading to learn more!

A First Aid Kit

You never know when an emergency will strike. Sometimes the winter months are a recipe for disaster, and if someone is hurt in an accident, your first aid kit may be their saving grace! Just remember that you need to know how to use it, or else it won’t be as viable as you had hoped.

Extra Winter Clothes

Packing a small bag of extra winter clothes will help keep you warm, especially if you’re stranded or you need to leave the vehicle. Keep in mind that layers are key. The more layers you can put on, the warmer your skin will be; however, it is highly important to make sure that if you’re outside working hard, take some layers off to keep yourself from sweating. Once your skin is wet with sweat, you’ll be more likely to become a victim of hypothermia!

If you’d like to hear more items you should be keeping in your car in case of an emergency this winter, stay tuned for our next blog. In the meantime, go ahead and schedule an appointment with the Audi service specialists in Denver if you’re in need of a repair or tune-up!