1. Two-Tone Sports Car

    Why German Sports Cars Are the Best

    Some might read the title and think, “That’s a bold statement.” That’s a completely fair assessment, but German-engineered sports cars are holding their own, from the racing field to the open highways and anywhere in betwe…Read More

  2. BMW Cars Closeup

    BMW vs. Audi: Sedan Edition

    It’s pretty much a given that when going with German-engineered automobiles, you’re getting a high-caliber car. From sports cars, to SUVs, to coupes and more, you really just can’t go wrong with a German car. Some of the mos…Read More

  3. Your Audi Needs TLC

    Avalon Motorsports is Denver’s leading Audi repair shop, which is exciting because it’s spring time! Spring time only means that folks are getting their sport cars out of hiding and driving them on the wide open roads. So, hav…Read More

  4. Rotate Tires & Change Fluids

    Taking care of your Audi should be one of your top priorities to get ready for spring time weather. If you’re more than excited to start getting your car ready, it’s time that you wash your car and visit Denver’s finest Audi…Read More

  5. Prepare for Spring Time Roads

    Whether you’re excited about it or not, winter is coming to an end. Within the next few months our wheels will be hitting warmer roads, and we’ll be able to enjoy the fresh spring air with the windows rolled down. To make sure…Read More

  6. Prepare for Wet Roads

    Let’s be honest; is anyone out there ever really excited about driving in nasty weather conditions? We didn’t think so. The professionals at the number one Audi service shop in Denver understand and are with you when they say …Read More

  7. Stay Prepared This Winter

    If you aren’t a snow person, you probably didn’t enjoy waking up to look outside and see that there was nearly a of foot of snow on the ground. Denver just got slammed with a winter storm, and the snow is here to stay. With pl…Read More

  8. Be Someone’s Saving Grace

    Driving on ice-packed and snowy roads is some people’s worst nightmare, and unfortunately, there’s no way of getting around driving on these types of roads in Denver. If you aren’t a fan of snow and you despise driving in it…Read More

  9. Top Classic Car Movies that Made an Impact

    For years, we’ve been using automobiles to get from point A to point B. With this in mind of course, we can’t forget about the day to day life we live where we love what kind of car we’re driving. To put it simply, your car …Read More

  10. Become Familiar with Audi Sedan Models

    Audis are dream cars. If you have always wanted an Audi and you have finally given into your dream and purchased one, we couldn’t be happier for you! Audis are cars that you can rely on and trust. In fact, there are so many diff…Read More