Like in our previous two blogs, we are going to be speaking about the history of a very popular car, the Audi. Just like the Porsche leading into the devbox-audielopment of the Volkswagen, the Volkswagen lead the Audi into existence. The development of the Audi, which translates to “Listen” in German, was re-introduced to the world in 1968, with their first appearance in history in the year 1885.

The meaning of the rings are a significant part of what the Audi automobile company is all about, and it has to do with the merger of the four companies that created Audi. In the late summer of 1928, the three other companies merged together, creating the four rings of Audi- Horch, DKW and Wanderer. Like we stated early, Audi is translated to “listen” in German, but “listen” is translated to Audi in Latin, and that is where the name Audi came from.

Even though Audi avoided the most popular car endurance events in the nation, the Daytona and Sebring, it still made its up-roaring debut to the United States of America with the nationally known Trans-Am in the year of 1988. Audi came to the states to introduce their newly manufactured car and definitely made a statement. From there, the company traveled back to Europe, leaving their mark and making many people lust after the amazing and sleek car.

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