In our previous blog, we gave you a few reasons why idling your Audi, Porsche, BMW or Volkswagen can cause more harm than good. If you need a quick recap, just know that idling relentlessly morning after morning can make your spark plugs wear out faster, and your cylinders and exhaust system can end up not lasting as long. If you’re trying to find a way around and learn some other great facts in the process, here are some common myths about idling:

  1. Like we learned in our previous blog, idling your car to warm it up won’t do an efficient job, instead, it will cause harm to the engine. Driving it will actually do a better job of warming up your car, and it’ll get warmer faster too. If you’ve already caused damage and need to get your car serviced or repaired before you can drive it again, give Avalon Motorsports a call.
  2. There are many misconceptions about letting your car idle when stopped for short periods of time. Many people think that turning your car on and off when you’re either going through a drive-thru, stopped at train tracks or at a long stop light can save you gas, when in all reality i’ll waste more energy and fuel when you switch it on and off frequently for short periods of time.

We’re not done yet! Be sure to check back with us soon, because will be finishing up more myths about idling. Get the facts straight and trust our service and repair specialists in Denver, CO!