Whether you’re excited about it or not, winter is coming to an end. Within the next few months our wheels will be hitting warmer roads, and we’ll be able to enjoy the fresh spring air with the windows rolled down. To make sure your car is completely ready for this seasonal shift in Denver, we want you to understand that there are a few different courses of action that you can take to service your Audi so it’s ready to go.

Wash your car.

Did you know that the salt that CDOT lays down over the highways and side streets to melt ice can be damaging to cars? In fact, cars that don’t get washed often are culprits to some serious damage. Damage, such as a rusted undercarriage is something that you’ll want to avoid, and all you have to do is wash your car thoroughly. Tip: pay for an automatic car wash that has an undercarriage sprayer with road salt remover. Although you can clean the undercarriage of your Audi on your own, an automatic, high-powered car wash is your best bet for removing any unwanted, potentially damaging de-icer salt.

Check your Audi’s alignment and suspension.

With the amount of de-icer that’s poured over the roadways, Denver has some pretty massive potholes. If you drive your Audi into these potholes, you shouldn’t be surprised that your suspension or wheel alignment are screwy. Tip: if you notice that your car is pulling to one side while you’re driving straight, there’s an issue.

Stay tuned for more great Audi services tips to get your speed racer ready for spring. Make an appointment with the most trusted Audi services technicians at Avalon Motorsports now!