If you’ve been following our informative blog series, then you already know that idling your car isn’t the best thing to do on a cold morning in Denver, Colorado. Because of this, we have already set a couple facts straight about idling your car. Like we promised, here at Avalon Motorsports we are going to give you the final facts about letting your precious Audi idle.

  1. Did you know that idling can cost you money? You could be causing damage to your brand new Audi, BMW or Volkswagen when you idle your car, which means you’ll have to get a repair or service to fix it up, in turn spending more money than you want.
  2. If you think that idling for a few minutes while you run into the grocery store will help you save money, know that it is untrue. Not only will your car be producing toxic gas, but it’ll be more prone to getting the items inside your car stolen or worse, your car itself stolen. It’s better to park, turn off the engine and lock it up.
  3. Idling can cost you money in the long run. If you are a culprit to warming your car up in the morning, even though you know it is terrible for the engine of your car, maybe knowing that it could affect your health will help you think twice about your actions. Studies have shown car idling increases your risk of cancer, lung and heart disease, and even asthma.